District Choir

All District Choir Auditions 2017-2018
WHEN: Saturday, November 4th
WHERE: H-B Woodlawn Secondary, Arlington, VA

Audition selection – “Take O Take Those Lips Away” by Roger Quilter.

• You can find the accompaniment tracks here:

ALTO1 and BASS 1


SOPRANO 2 and TENOR1 and 2


Sight Singing:
• Our examples are 4 measures, begin and end on Do, have a range of Low Ti – La, are in stepwise motion or tonic triad skips of a third, and include whole, half, quarters, beamed eighths, and dotted quarter/eighth note rhythms. The examples are in the following keys:
Soprano – G
Alto – D
Tenor – F
Bass – C

Please note that students should audition for the voice part that is most appropriate for them, regardless of gender. Also, unlike previous years, 9th and 10th graders can audition as Alto 1s or Alto 2s. Whatever voice part a student auditions on, that is the voice part they will sing in the choir. Should their All-District audition result qualify the student to audition for All-State, they will audition on the voice part for which they were accepted to All-District.

VMEA Senior Honors Choir

This audition is for seniors only.

The audition piece is ” If Music Be the Food Of Love” by Henry Purcell.

Audition Info.

All State

If you are a junior or a senior who has made districts, you are encouraged to audition for the state level choir.  Audition tracks are available on the website and down below.


Cabaret auditions will be held Tuesday Nov. 7 from 9 am-12pm. It is a very fun opportunity to combine music and theatre into two nights of fun! All HHS students are welcome to audition.

For auditions, please prepare a 1-2 minute piece from a broadway musical or Disney movie.
Please sign up for your auditions time slot the week before the audition.

Spring Musical

All of the information for our spring musical is located in our Into the Woods Google Classroom.
Please Mr. S or Mrs. VS for the class code.